About Us

About Millennium Cleaners in Macomb, Michigan

Welcome to Millennium Cleaners, a cherished family-owned establishment situated at the crossroads of 23 Mile Road and Hayes in the heart of Macomb Township, Michigan. For  20+ years Millennium Cleaners has offered a comprehensive suite of dry cleaning, wet cleaning, pressing, and preservation services. Specializing in wedding dress cleaning, wedding dress preservation, and even dental smock cleaning, our commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in our family values.

At Millennium Cleaners, we understand the demands of a bustling life, and that’s why we’ve made your visit to the cleaners both enjoyable and hassle-free. Take advantage of our complimentary pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services every Monday and Thursday. Simply call or use our form n to sign up for the convenience of having your orders picked up and delivered to your doorstep or workplace at no additional cost.

Our dedication extends beyond individual convenience. We happily accommodate multiple orders, allowing coworkers to streamline their cleaning needs. Say goodbye to the unnecessary trips to and from the cleaners with our free pick-up and delivery service, redefining the dry cleaning experience for you.

What sets Millennium Cleaners apart is our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer care. We treat every item with the same level of dedication and care, ensuring that each piece receives the attention it deserves. Our reasonable prices reflect the quality services we provide, making Millennium Cleaners the epitome of excellence in dry cleaning, wet cleaning, pressing, and clothing preservation in Macomb County. Discover the difference that passion, dedication, and quality service can make at Millennium Cleaners.